Hello, I am Joseph A. Thomas.

I am a North Carolina native that also happens to enjoy photography.

A Kodak Brownie was my first experience using a camera at the age of 8, and I have been hooked on capturing light and color ever since.

My Uncle, Wayne Thomas, gave my first "Popular Photography" magazine subscription to me when I was 11 after he noticed my interest and passion for photography even at that age.

Be careful to invest in your child's interests because you just may never know what their life's passion may be otherwise.


There are 15 mountain ranges over 6,400 ft. (east of the Mississippi River) and we are blessed to have 12 of these mountains here in Haywood County where I live. I reside half of a mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway that gives me access into the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains.


As a Western Carolina native, I still marvel at God's glorious creations here in beautiful North Carolina.

We pride ourselves in providing an affordable and beautiful product.

Each purchase helps the children in our county who need the extra support. The kids of Broyhill Home and the (MAPS) Pregnancy Center of Waynesville thank you and so do we.

In Jan. 2021, I had a near death out of body experience where I was in the lap of Jesus asking Him to stay. He instead sent me back telling me that I would be 100% healed in my physical body but much more has happened to my spiritual body since that time. I own and operate the Carolina Photo Art Gallery today because Jesus said that I have message to give. Please come by and ask me about this experience and find much more then even light on canvas. Find the Light!

I pray that you don't see just beautiful photos on canvas when you visiting my gallery but that you see and feel the Spirit of God within those photographs. Most Sunday's at 10am. I open my gallery to the public and hold public outreach where we worship in the gallery. Come join us if you need healing or deliverance. There is healing power in the Holy Spirit. Do not delay in these last days to find a real relationship with Jesus before His return. To learn more about our gallery worship go to Last Days Deliverance.com .

Joseph A. Thomas

Carolina Photo Art.com ~ Local Artist 4 Kids

CarolinaPhotoArt.com - Local Artist 4 Kids - Photographer Joseph A. Thomas

My purpose for living is to share the love of the living God through His son Jesus. Jesus is the way to the Kingdom of God.

Why Broyhill Home for Kids?

The Mountaineer News in 2017, asked if I would provide a Christmas seasonal photograph. The only criteria was that I was to capture a photo or two of something reflective of the Christmas season within Haywood County and what that meant to me. I accepted the offer and started thinking of what I would photograph. I had many opportunities of stain glass windows, to nativity scenes, to snowy landscapes. Instead, God by a dream allowed me to photograph a local child in need instead. This is Christmas to me.

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Our Heart - Local Artist 4 Kids

My wife and I contribute a end of the year check from the 10-20% we collect from our profits produced from CarolinaPhotoArt.com. When offering a calendar, 100% of all the profits go to them. Outside of this, we like to throw events like a Christmas party or Valentines party which includes Papa Johns and magician show. The kids really love it! We are blessed by these grateful children.

We like try to keep in touch with the children when we can. Thank you for making this possible through your support.

Milestones & Recognition

Old Haywood County Courthouse

This was my first customer who bought my first gallery canvas when starting out in 2017.

A hallway of my work is displayed on the back of the second floor. This is open to the public Monday- Friday 8am-5pm. 285 N Main St, Waynesville, NC. 28786

This was my first Gallery

I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to sell my work in a gallery. This allowed me to understand the gallery market. I now sell outside of galleries and enjoy receiving more compensation for my work while passing on savings to the customer.

Why pay gallery prices when you can save up to 40% directly from the artist? Since this move, I have sold more of my work outside of gallery locations.

Over 2.2 Million followers

It's not every day that the U.S. Department of Interior with over 2.2 million followers feature one of your photos on their Instagram page! It's like winning the Jack Pot for a landscape photographer! This was the first photo of mine to be show cased there.

Blessed to be the First

I had the honor to be the first photographer to ever capture the first baby eaglets born at Lake Junaluska! I thank God for the opportunites that he has given me to use my talents. You can find some of my work in the "Grounds" gift shop at Lake Junaluska, NC. I have thankful to live not to far away from this beautiful lake.

Lake Junaluska, NC. - First Eaglets Photographed by Joseph A. Thomas / CarolinaPhotoArt.com

WLOS NEWS 13 Cover Story

WLOS NEWS 13 - The First Baby Eagles have new lake residents!

Full Interview @ Lake Junaluska, Waynesville, NC. with photographer Joseph A. Thomas and the very talented John Le!

Lake Junaluska NC. - Eaglets In Action - Photographer Joseph A. Thomas / CarolinaPhotoArt.com

Making the Cut

Magazine Spread

My Heart

King of Kings

All my gifts and talents are dedicated to my love for Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. I use to party in darkness with the drummer's son from Lynyrd Skynyrd. Today, I rock on in light towards the Kingdom of God. I am certainly not perfect but forgiven.

I have found my purpose for living and encourage you to find yours. At age eight, I started asking to hear from God. I keep asking and his Holy Spirit has spoken to me through out my life even today. You were placed here on this planet to find Jesus. The evidence of God's fingerprints are all over his creation. I chase the light and capture these moments through my photography. Choose Jesus today! Know his love today and for all eternity after this life by going to my other website LastDaysDeliverance.com to learn how. Once you have found him you will be forever thankful.

To God be the glory! ~ Joseph