We personally volunteer our time to photograph the precious children of Haywood County that do not have a mother or father.  This ministry also supports single struggling mothers with babies and children.

10% plus of all our proceeds go to support special needs for this ministry during each year.

Thank you for your support!

**For security purposes we can not show the faces of these little ones. This page is encrypted and for use by the personnel of Broyhill Home.

Back in 2017 "The Mountaineer News" asked if I would provide a Christmas seasonal photograph. The only criteria was that I was to capture a photo or two of something reflective of the Christmas season within Haywood County.

I accepted the offer and started thinking of what I would photograph.

During the Christmas season, images of beautiful winter landscapes come to mind. Sometimes, it was nativity scenes or candlelit church stained-glass windows. With snow being in the forecast in a few days, I thought maybe a snowy scene would be the ticket. Before going to bed I said a prayer that God would direct my talent and deliver a photograph worthy of the Christmas season. That very night I had a dream of taking a photo of a orphan and widow under the cross located at Lake Junaluska. God has previously used dreams to communicate with me a few times before so I did not dismiss it.

I shared the dream with my wife and she nudged me to look up on Google to see if there was an orphanage in the area.

I have never visited an orphanage nor did I know if there was one was within Haywood county. This is how I learned about the Broyhill Home for kids.

This is not an orphanage but it is a children's home that does so much more.

I was at first reluctant to give them a call because the Mountaineer News Paper had given me criteria to follow and this was certainly out side the scope.

Why Broyhill Home for Kids?

I called mid morning that day by the phone number on their Broyhill Home business listing through Google. I was able to contact the Director, Linda Morgan.

I explained the reason for the phone call and the dream that I had the previous night and how I would like to photograph the kids if the opportunity was available. Linda asked me, if I could be available in less than six hours later that day. I instantly thought, Isn't God's time perfect? To my surprise, I called on the very day that they were having their Christmas party of around 90 kids from the Broyhill home and affiliate homes in Franklin, NC., etc.

I said certainly yes, as long as I could bring my own two boys ages 6 and 9 along. We both agreed that it would be a great experience for my two boys to witness such an event at Christmas time.

The Christmas event was amazing!

At the end of the night as we pulled into our garage my oldest son turned to me and said, "that will be something I will never, ever forget for a very long time." He said, "Those kids are just like me. They were happy that it was a Christmas party, and truly happy to receive food and gifts." He also said that he noticed how grateful the kids were to be at this Christmas party. I said, "Yes son, you are so right and you get it". I marveled how these children had even impacted me. All I did was request to take their photo, and the majority of these children I didn't have to ask for a smile because they were filled with so much joy. After the photo the majority had said

"Thank you" and at least six of there children came up to me after the party to say thank you again while I was packing my gear in the car. These kids ages 2 years old through high school, who aren't living with parents, seemed so joyful and grateful over the little that they were receiving. This time of year we all think of of lot of things.

But this year to me, the name Broyhill and the word Emmanuel, comes to mind. Emmanuel, which means God with us. God is certainly with these beautiful children regardless of their circumstances.

These children have a light which shines brighter than their adversity. The gratitude that shown that night caught the even the attention of my children.

I am forever grateful for the benefits that these precious children had taught my kids that night.

I might add that "The Mountaineer" did accept my photo and story which ran front page Christmas of 2017.

Little did I know until later how this story really moved the young lady that I was working with at the Mountaineer because she has two adopted boys herself.

My wife and I contribute a end of the year check from the 10% we collect from our profits produced from CarolinaPhotoArt.com. We offer 100% of our calendar proceeds as well. Outside of this, we like to throw a Christmas party or another event when we can. This past Feb. 2019 we through a Valentines party with Papa Johns which included a magician show. The kids really loved it!

We like try to keep in touch with the kids a few times a year by throwing events outside of the typical Christmas giving season when we can. The little that we do has been even more a blessing to us.

There are times you pray and literally God drops something in your lap that you can not ignore.

We all have the ability to make a difference to those around us no matter how big or small with what gifts or talents that we each are given. God does much with even a little!

If you have contributed in any way by doing business with us, please know that it is you that is also making a difference in these kids lives and are contributing to our local community.

Again, thank you for your business and supporting this ministry.  ~ Joseph A. Thomas

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